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Jun. 8th, 2011


This comm is, in fact, not dead.

So, I'm finally getting around to finishing up the stuff for this comm I started months ago. I have a few more graphics to finish up, and then I'll start advertising this place C=

Let's start with some COOKIES!

Jan. 9th, 2011


Let's Rock Some Introductions!

This is not mandatory social time, but in case anyone is in a sharing kind of mood.

Here is a form, if you like filling out forms. Use it or don't. (You can scroll down with the arrow keys or select all.)



Rules and Whatnot.

This is intended to be a fairly relaxed community. It will also, in all likelihood, be a fairly small community. But I will lay down one general rule, and that is: Don't be a douche.

This is not to say that I'm expecting heaps of drama; hardly. This rule and those that follow are mostly here to cover all bases and reduce clutter:

~You can have one teaser image (400x400 pixels or less) outside an lj-cut. Any more images should be under the cut or linked back to in your own journal.

~Please make your best effort to use coherent spelling and grammar. I'm not going to get my mod-knickers in a twist over dangling prepositions, but readability is really appreciated.

~Teaser images should not relate to material from unaired episodes and should be safe for work. You'd probably have to get kind of creative for either of these points to be an issue on a craft comm, but I'm saying it anyway.

~Warn for any material related to unaired episodes. Also, this comm is to be worksafe in general. If you're at all worried that what you're linking will garner weird looks, just stick a warning on it.

~Tag your posts. If you'd like another tag for anything, message me.

~More of a suggestion than a rule, but comment on the introductions post!

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